My new home and food galore!

I am finally in my new flat with a bed I can call my own.

I have not even finished unpacking yet but I needed a well deserved break! Its been a hot day making it harder to my things into my flat as well as helping the bf to move. It’s been a busy day! However I am looking forward to sitting on my terrace and watching the sun go down!  Who can resist these views?



In the middle of writing this post I got a bit distracted and I went into the centre of Perugia. This of course means that I have yet to watch the sunset from my terrace as well as finish unpacking. Oh well, thats the price of living la dolce vita!

In the days leading up to me moving into the flat I have eaten my way through several famous Italian dishes from the three main food groups in Italy – pizza, pasta and gelato.

After my disastrous journey to Perugia all I wanted was some food, shower and sleep. Of course I started with the food. I got a pizza to take away from Pizzeria Mediterranea on Corso Vannucci. It has got to be some of the best pizza I have had in Italy, thats why I love getting pizza from there. If you want to eat there either get their a little bit early or be prepared to wait for a table as its a very popular pizzeria, but trust me its worth the wait!

I had the pizza mediterranea with consisted of rucola (rocket), mozzarella, parmesan,  prosciutto and cherry tomatoes. It was delicious, take a look for yourself.


doesn’t this look yummy!

On Sunday I took a walk with the bf and we went and got gelato. In the centre there are plenty of gelateria (ice cream shops) but we choose to go to Grom which is famous and has various locations around the world. I of course had one of my favourite flavours pistachio unfortunately they don’t have amarena cherry. I did get my amarena cherry fix a few days later when I went to YO! (a yogurteria).


Bacio and pistachio gelato


A list of flavours

Me and the bf sat on the steps by the fountain and listened to a man playing the piano. I think I have yet to walk around the centre without someone playing music.


Of course on my first trip to the supermarket I had to buy some olives! I had to stop myself from eating the whole jar! They definitely taste better here.


All in all the last seven days has been amazing! 🙂 I am sure there will be many more food related posts but I am Italy food is the most important thing.

Ciao for now 🙂


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