Things I am looking forward to in Italy.

Moving to another country is an exciting opportunity. You will leave behind things and people you will miss but your new ‘home’ will offer you a new exciting adventure. So here is a list of things I am looking forward to.

1) Unlimited access to gelato!  There is no beating Italian ice cream.



My favourite flavors are pistachio and amarena cherry. I might have made the bf take me to different gelateria just so I could get them!

2) Italian food in general. It is impossible to go to Italy and not become a foodie. There is so much amazing food I actually don’t know where to start eating!  I am looking forward to the amazing pizza, different pasta dishes and all sorts of sweet treats! I am sure there will be a post or two about Italian food while I am living la dolce vita!


Bruschetta made by the bf


panna cotta

DSC_1271 563279_10151455644532570_1386695284_n

3) Visiting new places.  Italy is rich in culture and historical sites. I have seen many of them but there is still so much to see. Milan, Venice, Verona and Bologna are top of my list of place to visit.

4) The Italian lifestyle. The way they live life in Italy is far better than the UK. They are far more relax and they live to eat not eat to live. A much better philosophy I think.

5) And last but not least….actually being able to see the bf and not on a computer screen! This is most definitely the best thing about moving to Italy!

D-day is almost here this time tomorrow I will already be on my journey to Italy. One more day and I will be living la dolce vita! 


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