Relaxing in Vieste

Last summer when I was holidaying it in Puglia the bf and we spent some days in Vieste. It is known for the purity of its waters and has received blue flag awards. This meant I actually swam in the water which was amazing!


Pizzomunno the big white rock

If you are looking for clean waters, a beautiful beach and a relaxing atmosphere this is your place. I found it was mainly Italians who were escaping their cities for some Southern sun, which meant there aren’t any tourist being herded around the town. You may see the occasional tourist but Vieste is very much a Italians holiday destination. Why did we head to Vieste? Well the part of Puglia my boyfriend comes from all the beaches don’t have sand but stones or pebbles, so it made a nice change to lie on the sand and be comfy. This….


The beach at Vieste

VS this…..


Polignano a mare. Those stones are not very comfy but the water was beautiful.

Vieste is a typical cute Southern Italian town. IMG_5466IMG_5467IMG_5468IMG_5230 Why wouldn’t you fall in love with it?


While we were there we took a boat tour of the grotte. A must see! Just take a look at some of the snaps I took….


A view of Pizzomunno from the boatIMG_5285

IMG_5343 IMG_5383 IMG_5347  The boat trip was run by a man and his son. As you can see in the photo his son sat or stood on the very front of the boat, as well as touching the walls when we went inside the grotte. I genuinely thought he might fall off! He is clearly a pro at balancing himself on the edge of a boat. IMG_5388 Included in your boat trip is a half an hour stop at another beach along the coast before heading back to vieste.

Foodie tip: Take a small wonder through the town and you will find plenty of places to eat at cheap prices. You will be stuffing your face with pizza and pasta in no time. I will leave you with a picture I took of a Vespa. I might have a small obsession with them! Ciao amici! 🙂 IMG_5455


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